We use a numbing cream which works well for the majority of clients.

We do not offer patch tests because the ink is made up of zinc and iron oxide found naturally within our skin. Although a reaction can still be possible it is unlikely. If you choose to go ahead with treatment you would waiver your option to do so.

We will carry out your consultation on the day of your scheduled procedure with no obligation to go ahead. You would however loose your deposit as this is to secure your time slot.

An ordinary tattoo uses a pigment called carbon which acts as a poison to the skin. This pigment is also larger and lasts a lifetime in the skin. However semi permanent pigments are naturally found in the body ( zinc and iron oxide ). The SP pigment contains particles that are much finer, ensuring a natural look, which break down quicker in the skin than the ordinary tattoo leaving a continued area of natural healthy skin.

We will work together to ensure you are happy with the shape/colour before we begin. We will always make sure the shape is best suited to enhance your facial features. We do not work free hand and all shapes will be pre drawn. We use only the highest quality inks which we can blend and mix to compliment your skin type.

You can be with us for up to two hours. Please allow plenty of time.

If you have had treatment elsewhere we do not class your treatment as a “top up” as you are a new client to us. You will be charged at the same flat rate per session as other treatments. Please remember your results will differ as we do not have a blank canvas to work with in the first place and this in itself makes treatment more challenging. Please do not book until you have sent photos of your previous semi permanent makeup as some clients may not be suitable, especially for microblading as it can be very hard to cover up old tattoo with this method. We are artists but cannot create miracles. Many artists will refuse to top up other technicians work for this very reason.

Most clients need 2 sessions. This is because your skin takes time to recognise, adjust and accept the ink. After the first base coat session the skin will throw a lot of the ink out as it treats it as a foreign body. It is not until the 2nd that the skin realises it needs to retain the ink. Do not expect great results from just one session. It takes two!

Although it can last anywhere from 9 months – 3 years, most clients return annually for a top up to keep their permanent makeup looking neat and fresh. However ,this can differ depending on the individual. Those with large open pores, who frequently use sunbeds and/or exfoliants regularly should expect to return for a top up more frequently. For Dark hair customers it may last longer than fair haired customers. Some pigment may remain in the skin for a longer amount of time but will eventually fade. Although some medicines and medical conditions may speed the fading process up.

Yes please – it saves time on the day so we have more time to perfect the tattoo.

Please leave a 1 month gap either side of each procedure and be aware that these procedures can alter the shape of your permanent makeup.

You should not get your treatment area wet or in direct sunlight for two weeks after the procedure as it can alter the colour of the ink.

Scabs will form overnight and remain for around 1 week. The pigment will look very intense and dark at this point so please do not panic. They will begin to flake after 1 week and it will be tempting to pick them but PLEASE REFRAIN FROM DOING SO. At this point the colour will seem to have disappeared completely underneath. This is because the ink takes 2-6 weeks to develop in your skin. After your first treatment you may find your colour has not healed evenly due to flaking skin. This is dependent on your skin and personal healing process. This is normally balanced in your second ‘top up’ procedure.

Yes, but apply around the treatment area- NOT ON IT. It can cause infection.