Dermal Fillers


Initial Aftercare

• Avoid touching the treated area or applying with products for 6 hours following treatment. After that light makeup can be applied and the area can be gently washed with soap and water.

• Until the initial swelling and redness has resolved please do not expose the area to intense heat. Eg sunbeds, sunbathing or extreme cold.

• Please do not exercise for 48 hours after your procedure as it can cause migration of filler.

• If you have previous suffered facial herpes, there is a risk that injections could contribute to another eruption.

• If you are using aspirin or any similar medication, please be aware that this may increase the risk of bruising or bleeding at the injection site.

• Any injection causes an inflammatory response – This means two things;

• This is not your final result – It is not uncommon for the treatment area to remain swollen for up to two weeks. During this time the area may look very uneven, feel bumpy, bruised, discolored and may feel sore. Please do not panic. It is normal  during this period to not be entirely happy with your results. Patience here is key.

• The final result will be apparent approximately 14 days after treatment. If you have any concerns, please book in for a review after this two-week period is up. Any initial discomfort during this period can be eased by application of ice.

• This is not your final result – Any injection causes an inflammatory response. This can easily cause disappointment over the following weeks because as the swelling subsides, the treatment area may look significantly less plump than it looked immediately after injection.

• The filler has not dissolved nor disappeared, you have not wasted your money. The filler has simply sunken and formed a    layer at the base of your treatment area. Many clients find they need two or three sessions in order to layer filler on top of one another – until the filler no longer has room to sink – leaving you with a fuller look.

• Unfortunately, we cannot predict how many sessions each individual will need to achieve their desired result and therefore cannot be held accountable if several sessions are needed. The results of your treatment durability and end results are influenced by several genetic and lifestyle factors completely out of our control. Aesthetics is an art process – not an exact science.

If you have any concerns, please contact immediately;