Dermal Fillers



The Golden Ratio – The inverted triangle
Human beauty in science is based on the divine ratio of proportion. Studies have PROVEN a higher score of attractiveness is scored when faces have the golden ration. The Kylie package is individually tailored to help restore that ratio in YOU and enhance your UNIQUE, natural beauty.

Don’t get too set on what treatments you would like – as they may not be what is needed to restore your facial proportions. Facial proportions are important as they are what defines ‘human beauty’ in science. And are essentially what society would determine as more beautiful. In lay terms – the divine ratio resembles an upside down triangle or a ‘heart shape’. Arguably all of our clients are damn right beautiful before, and after. BUT equally it is still SO important to be open minded in your consultation. As what you think you want may take you further AWAY from the divine ratio of proportion and scientifically make you ‘less attractive’. Not what you came for right?


Should i get 0.5 or 1 ml for my lips?

This is down to personal preference and lip size/amount of previous filler. However, if this is your first treatment we recommend 1 ml.

0.5ml – will give a VERY subtle look once swelling goes down. Recommended for nervous clients who are happy to be patient in waiting for their results. Please note this will double the time it takes to build them and is not cost effective. It could take 4-6 sessions to reach your desired shape, regardless of how natural you want them.

1ml – recommended if it is your first time- you.may look a little swollen immediately after. Once this swelling goes down they will settle to be visibly more plumped and volumised. This is more cost effective as it should take no longer than 2-3 sessions to build your lips to the desired shape.

1.5ml – for a more glamorous appearance (not recommended for your first time).


Where to start! Firstly it is important to note that a jawline simply does not work on everyone. We can’t always predict this via photos but common precursors that would indicate a jawline procedure would not be suitable for yourself include;

Those with a strong masseter muscle at the back of the jaw. ( You can feel this when you bite down ) . If you see or feel any bulging then sadly it is not possible to define you in this area until you have had treatment to relax it. We provide this service in our Westminster and Glasgow clinics.

Those with a BMI over that of what is considered within the healthy range and/or those with excess fatty tissues in the area.

This is not liposuction nor a weight loss tool. It is there to simply define the jawbone which is impossible if any of the above is present.

Jawline – the average female jawline and chin augmentation ( believe us it looks weird without the chin ) requires 3-4ml for even the most natural results. This area quite literally eats product up. Sigh! For males – we recommend 5-6ml of product. Double sigh! (It’s worth it – promise!)

If you are reading the above and feel like this is you – dont panic – we’ve got you…

You want to feel and look slimmer? Sound familiar?
The good news is that providing you are open minded we can ussually still help! We can often create the illusion of a slimmer face by lengthening the chin alone and straightening out the hollows either side. But please do not under estimate the amount of filler that is needed to do what is often presumed to be a small area – believe us it is not and for the best results a minimum of 2 ml is needed to contour. It is truly unbelievable what can be achieved from augmenting the chin alone.

Chin – From the front we can give the illusion of weightloss, contour and more definition. From the side, we can balance the profile ( make the nose appear smaller, balance an overbite etc ) , give the illusion of a sharper jaw and thus slightly reduce the appearance of a double chin. Do not underestimate the power of a chin. It is one of, if not the most effective procedure within the entire aesthetic industry.


The cheeks – I don’t want them to make me look fat!? Don’t worry – we have heard it all before and believe us – they will not make you fat. Unless you want them too.. of course. Everybody’s zygomatic bone ( cheek bone ) is angled differently and thus gives the illusion of hollow cheeks, chubby cheeks, flat cheeks, harsh cheeks… the list goes on. The trick is to place filler strategically where YOU need it. When contouring – sitting the product high up towards the back of the cheek will give you a shadow beneath – and thus give the illusion of a far slimmer, heart shaped face. Think sucking your cheeks in kind of vibes – but not quite that extreme! Alternatively- we can use product in the front portion of the cheek to fill areas that may have lost volume with age – giving a more youthful appearance. As with all of our procedures – the technician will tailor to suit YOU. Please note this is not a weightloss tool. If you have excessive fat in this area you will need around 3/4 ml for best results.


The aim is to smoothen out the hollow between two portions of the orbicularis oculi muscle. Please note not everyone is suitable for this procedure. Tear trough filler has a low density- and thus an ideal candidate should have sufficient skin thickness to mask the product within the hollow and under the skin. Thin skin with ‘sagging’ and high elasticity will not be able to hold product within the above parameters, or hide it and is therefore not a suitable candidate for the procedure. This does not improve pigmentation. Two procedures are needed for optimum results roughly 12 weeks apart. Lasts 6-12 months + This procedure is carried out only via a cannula for optimum safety and smooth results.


Firstly, dermal fillers are now considered to be a normal progression in age-ing. Everyone is at it! So don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal to want a little freshen up. One thing we do ask is to please be realistic with expectations – it is still not a face lift and mature skin is of course far less forgiving due to its elastosis. Sigh.

Moving on, we totally understand you don’t want to look ‘done’ and promise to keep it natural, and conservative – at ALL costs. Our secret.

Unfortunately there is no set procedure that suits every individual. The effect of age-ing varies highly from person to person and thus highly influences our treatment plan. For optimum results – please book a 4/5 ml combination package. We will tailor your treatment on the day.

Please note mature skin is prone to bruising so don’t forget to purchase plenty of arnica cream to apply after your treatment as light makeup cannot be applied until 6 hours after.


The purpose of this procedure is primarily to straighten the nose from the side, giving the illusion that is is smaller and thus, balancing the profile. We can also add product to the tip to project it if it is de-projected or under-projected.

Please always expect more conservative results with a rhinoplasty. This procedure is inherently high risk and therefore must be done spaced out over two separate sessions 8-12 weeks apart before the treatment is deemed to be complete. This is to ensure maximum safety and minimum risk of complications, such as compression.

Sometimes, a patient may get great results after one session and feel that they do not need a second session. It is for this reason that we charge per session. Ultimately, It is up to your whether or not you return for a second session – however it is advised for maximum results.


Profile balancing restores the harmony of the face from a side profile. It is seen as more ‘desirable’ to have a well-balanced profile when viewing the face from the side on. Profile rebalancing makes a younger face more beautiful and an older face more youthful.

Profile rebalancing treatment areas usually includes:

  • Nose filler
  • Chin filler
  • Lip filler

Sometimes profile rebalancing needs to include the anterior cheek too, however this is common.

We recommend booking 3-4 ml for profile balancing treatments.

Managing Expectations
Please remember we can only enhance our natural features. It is not possible to completely change them. Any treatment should be looked at as an improvement rather than a cure. It is not always possible to create the desired look if your facial anatomy and genetics do not allow.

Please remember our faces are not symmetrical and sometimes no amount of filler can correct this – in some cases it may make it appear worse. Your technician will best advise on the day of your treatment but as always there is no guarantee.