Model Days

Kiss Model Days are a fantastic opportunity to book our treatments at a fraction of the usual costs. At Kiss we have two types of model days.

1. An internal model day where one of the Kiss Nurses will spend the day completing treatments as usual but overseen by Antonia, the owner of Kiss Aesthetics. This is to ensure we have consistency across all our clinics in terms of service and skill.

2. An external model day whereby already qualified practitioners come to Kiss for 1 on 1 shadowing/learning opportunities. Kiss reviews all applications and carefully selects the practitioners invited to train with us. Treatments will either be performed by or overseen by Antonia.

To keep up to date with our model days please follow us on Instagram @Kiss_Aesthetics

About Kiss Model Days

How do I book a Model Day?

Model days sell out very quickly. Once we have a model day confirmed we will release the information on Instagram. The bookings will be opened on our booking system once the post has gone live. To ensure you are notified please turn on post notifications for our Instagram @Kiss_Aesthetics.

Can I be added to a waiting list for Model Days?

No, the model days are so high in demand it’s not feasible to have a waiting list. Model days are first come first served. To ensure you are notified please turn on post notifications for our Instagram @Kiss_Aesthetics.

What treatments do you have available?

The treatments will be decided on a day by day basis and vary per model day. When we release the date we will also include what treatments we need models for.

Who is Antonia?

Antonia is the owner and founder of Kiss Aesthetics. Before opening Kiss Antonia worked in Premier League football after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Rehabilitation with First Class Honours in 2014. Antonia is fiercely artistic, tenacious and has a wild eye for aesthetics.

What are the prices for Model Days?

The cost of treatments will be considerably reduced. Treatments costs will be decided and released prior to the event.

Are the Nurses trained?

Yes, all practitioners attending the model days will already been qualified/experienced in Aesthetics.

What does it mean to be a Model?

You must be happy for photographs/video content to be taken and used for our online content. You must be patient and allow plenty of time for the treatment to be completed.

I am happy to be a Model but I don't want my photos posted, can I still apply?

No, we kindly ask that you do not book as a model but are welcome to book are usual services and opt out of media content.

Who is suitable for Model Days?

Model days are suitable for anyone. If we have any specific requirements they will be made clear on our social media .

When are your Model Days?

We don’t have set days for our model days but we will always allow plenty of notice for you to book in advance.

Which of your clinics have Model Days?

This varies per demand. It could be either of our clinics. Information will be released in advance.