I'm nervous! Does it hurt?

You will be numbed within minutes of entering the building so by the time comes you will feel only mild discomfort. The products also contain a numbing agent which numbs further once treatment has begun. Don’t forget our technicians deal with nervous clients on a day to day basis and will do everything they can to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. The team are fantastic, and will hold your hand every step of the way. We have you covered – chocolate is always on hand!

How can I book a consultation?

Our technician will complete a consultation with you upon arrival to your booking with no obligation to go ahead. During the consultation our technician will discuss possible treatment outcomes and may even suggest alternative treatments to help you meet your expectations. Please be open minded, our technicians are incredibly skilled and have one goal – to make YOU the best version of you.

I don’t know what treatment to book can you help me?

If you’re torn between two treatments don’t worry – feel free to book either. It’s very common for people to change treatment during the consultation with our technician.   We appreciate not everyone knows what they want and will work with our clients to understand their needs and expectations on the day!

Can you tell me what products you use?

At Kiss we use Juverderm 3, Revolax, Restylane or Juverderm Voluma for our treatments. The technician will review your features/lifestyle during your consultation and will use the product most suited to you for optimum results and longevity. We pride ourselves as a premium brand and therefore only use premium products.

How long is the recovery time for your treatments?

Please allow up to 14 days for swelling or bruising to go down. If you have any concerns after 14 days please send us an email at

I need an appointment asap. Can you let me know if you get a cancellation?

On the booking system – please see the last minute tab to see our cancellations list.

I can't find a booking for the date I need, can you help me?

If your not able to find a booking on the system we are fully booked or closed on this date. Please search for another date to make your booking.

Can I fly after having filler treatments?

We advise all clients to wait a minimum of 48hrs before flying. It is very rare for complications to occur however in theses circumstances you would need to return to the clinic for an emergency reversal protocol.

I have made a booking on the system, are you able to squeeze my friend in at the same time?

No, all clients need to register to make a booking, pay a deposit and agree to our T+C’s online. Our time slots are very limited and it’s not possible to squeeze two clients into one booking.

I need to cancel my booking will I loose my booking fee?

As per our T+C’s all booking fees payments are STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE.

I’m not able to attend my booking please can I reschedule?

If you wish to change the date of your booking we require a minimum of 7 days notice. To make a change to your booking please log into the booking system.

How old do you have to be for treatments with parental permission?

All clients must be 18 at the time of the treatment. Anyone that looks under the age of 25 will be asked for ID.

How do I book Micro Droplets?

Micro Droplets are a technique used by our technician for lip fillers. Please book lip filler by the ml (as usual) and our technician will discuss technique with you during your consultation.

I am interested in your Brows how to do I make a booking?

If you have previously had brows by us then please book in for a top up. If you have natural brows and would like to make a new booking we are only taking bookings for Microblading. Please use the booking system to make your booking.

Do you offer finance?

Unfortunately this is not something we offer at our clinics at this moment.

Can I bring my children?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the business we are not insured to allow children on the premises. If you arrive with children you will be asked to leave and therefore forfeit your deposit. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience.